First of all, a bicycle makes sense only once it gets a purpose and a rider. With you, for you, we take time de think together about your wishes, your needs and your practice. We’ll not rush to grab any bike : we’ll look for the good one among a selection of a few so that it meets your expectations at best.
This moment of dialogue is as important as the time for building the bike : indeed, a bike means lots of stories to come. So why not taking the necessary time to get to match each other !

We try to get as close as we can to the original state of the bicycles we offer and, as such, we do not repaint completely them for instance, so that they can keep tracks of their previous records.
We always do our best to find matching equipment, using new parts for those that get used.

We also do like all kind of « neo-retro » setups and particularly have a thing with adapting a professional racing bike

to a daily commuter, for instance.

In order to achieve all that, we have quite a collection of old tools and parts from which we often pick what we need, as it’s always a challenge to work on old bikes when lots of so-called standards could exist!

We have a strong knowledge in the field of handmade or small productions’ bicycles and parts, especially form France and Italy, and like to put it in game when it’s not easy to identify a bike…